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Help Ensemble Companio reach $20,000 and drive the continued creation of musical excellence!

 The musicians of our unique traveling choir are so thankful to the Ensemble Companio community whose support enables us to come together each month to seek that special transcendence only found in music, to lift one another artistically and emotionally, and to share our voices and that support far and wide. 

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Support the Joseph Gregorio Artistic Director Fund

The Artistic Director Fund was created in 2017 during our 6th season and is intended to provide targeted support for our greatest and most important annual investment: musical leadership.  Named in honor of Ensemble Companio’s visionary Founding Artistic Director, it was conceived to secure the future of our choir into this–our thirteenth season–and many seasons beyond.

Now in their seventh season with Ensemble Companio, our Artistic Director Dr. Erik Peregrine has continued to guide us as we pursue our mission of building bridges through musical excellence. 

Support our annual DRIVE2Sing

Our Drive2Sing benefits everything we do from our Member Experience Fund, which ensures that financial barriers do not prohibit member participation, to special projects like our album and commissioning new works from living composers. As a small arts organization, every dollar makes a difference and is graciously received. Supporters have the option to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor, which helps ensure our ongoing financial stability.

Donate via Check

Donations via check can be made out to Ensemble Companio and can be sent to:

Ensemble Companio
3950 52nd Street, #6E
Woodside, NY 11377

Now in our 13th season, we invite you to join us in supporting our annual Drive2Sing. Founded on the belief that choral music, akin to sharing food, is a nourishing and healing experience, Ensemble Companio embodies this ethos in every note sung. Our choir, comprising dedicated musicians from diverse professions across the Northeastern region, is committed to our mission of building bridges between people through authentic, inspiring performances of the finest choral music. Your contribution will not only empower our choir but also strengthen the fabric of our communities through the universal language of music. Ensemble Companio’s reputation for adventurous programming, vibrant concert experiences, and collaborations with esteemed institutions like Union College, Swarthmore College, VOICES Boston, and the Capital Hearings speaks to our dedication to excellence. We have been honored with prestigious awards, including the American Prize in Choral Performance and the Ernst Bacon Memorial Prize for the Performance of American Music. We are immensely grateful for our donors whose support has enabled Ensemble Companio to flourish.


By supporting our annual Drive2Sing campaign you are also making a significant impact in several key areas of our work including:

  • Educational Outreach: Your contributions enable us to engage in educational outreach opportunities, bringing the joy of choral music to diverse communities and inspiring the next generation of musicians.
  • Supporting Underrepresented Composers: Ensemble Companio actively promotes inclusivity by featuring works from underrepresented composers, ensuring that diverse voices are heard within the choral music landscape. This commitment to representation not only enriches our performances but also addresses the historical disparities in the field of choral composition.
  • Phenomenal Artistic Direction: Your contributions help us maintain the high artistic standards and visionary direction that define Ensemble Companio’s performances.
  • Accessible Model: Our uniquely accessible model is built on traveling to many different rehearsal and concert venues, as well as our Member Experience Fund, which supports our singers’ financial needs to participate. Your support ensures that our music remains accessible to all.

Join our Ensemble Companio community and donate today!

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$99 and Below – Chorister Level 

  • Acknowledgement in concert program

$100-$249 – Maestro Level

  • Chorister benefits
  • One (1) tickets to an Ensemble Companio concert of your choice

$250-$499 – Companion Level

  • Chorister benefits
  • Two (2) tickets to an Ensemble Companio concert of your choice

$500-$999 – Ensemble Level 

  • Companion benefits
  • Reserved seating at an Ensemble Companio concert of your choice

$1,000 and Above – Director Level 

  • Ensemble benefits
  • Access to special tracks and selected concert recordings

Donor’s Choice

  • Donors may always choose to forgo their benefits and apply 100% of their tax-deductible contribution in any amount to support Ensemble Companio.

A Sincere Thank You to the Following Generous Donors

Susan Kukle

Steve Bloomfield

Cailin Wilke and Evan Crawford

John Van Buren

Zheyao Li

Deirdre Braun

John and Sheila Riley

Jonathan Kaczynski

Dileep Srihari

David and Kendra Pratt

In Honor of Elena Gregorio

Jeffrey and Alisa Hare

Allianz Foundation

Ann and John Lemley

James and Mary Lemley

Ilene Wong and Joseph Gregorio

Linda Murray-Wilke and Richard Wilke

Sue and Dave Dilzell

Emily Higgins

Lester Lau

Mary Lou Rice

Julie Rice

Jennifer Dilzell

Carolyn M. Gallogly

Noriko Lovasz

Inès Thieme and Chris Wildeman

In Honor of Ilene Wong and Joe Gregorio’s 10th Anniversary

Eleanor Goud

Peter Park

Marcia and Laurence Gregorio

Scott Hare

David Bailey

Allison Bailey

Brian Mastrull

Kevin Gammariello

Sarah Glaser

Colin Wilke & Katherine Allen

Michael Weinberg

Colin Riley

Elena C. Gregorio

Megan Lemley

Greg Pratt

Anonymous (3)

Major thanks to Awesome Without Borders for their support of Ensemble Companio’s first studio album, Warnings, Wisdom, & Wit!

A special thanks to our Founding Companion Level members:
Steven and Lauren Engelbrecht, Anne Jones, David Kim, Howard and Melinda Speight, Lauren Thirer, Christina Wallace, The Wilke Family, and Ilene Wong.

Ensemble Companio is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the Pennsylvania Business Corporation Law of 1988, and is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Part or all of your gift to Ensemble Companio may be tax-deductible.


For more information on supporting this organization, please email Katie DiMaria at [email protected]